Prescriptive Utility Rebates

  • According to Electric Ideas, prescriptive Utility rebate programs “offer cash rebates paid per unit installed to help offset the cost of a project.” For example, replacing 101 to 175 high-intensity discharge lamp (HID) bulbs in a parking garage with LED lights can be eligible for a $100 rebate per fixture unit, according to Indianapolis Power & Light Company. These cash rebates are generally offered by utility company and they are widely available across the country. Typically, there are very detailed guidelines on the type of light the facility uses and the corresponding rebate amount.
  • The advantage of prescriptive Utility rebate is that business owners do not need to claim the rebate immediately. The rebates are available to the end user. And some utility companies may also offer labor incentives to cover the construction fee. In short, this type of rebate program is pretty straightforward and easy to apply for.